Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Roger's Gardens Halloween Boutique Opening

Hi everyone!
The "Hauntingly Beautiful" Halloween Boutique at Roger's Gardens opens to the public tomorrow...Friday August 29th.  If you can....stop by and take in all of the spooky goodness.  There are quite a few Little Enchanted Ones there this year, just waiting to eat you....I mean, meet you!
Click here to visit their site for further details.
Video and photos coming soon!
Happy Hauntings!

Friday, August 1, 2014

By The Pricking of my Thumb..... GHOULTIDE GATHERING This Way Comes!

Hi everyone! 
It won't be long now!
  Come join the Halloween fun in Chelsea, Michigan on October 4th....I promise you won't be disappointed!
Click here for details and show information.
Click here to watch a slide show video of the Ghoultide art at last year's gathering.
Hope to see you there!
  Until then....Happy Hauntings and Enchanted Blessings!

Friday, January 31, 2014

January EHAG Emporium 2014

Hello everyone and greetings!
It's time for the January EHAG Emporium!
Please meet The Ghost of Daphne Deadwood!
(a little ditty sung to the tune of Oh My Darling, Clementine)
Daphne Deadwood
You didn't look good
But your friends, they
Paid no mind
Now you're gone, dear
You really left us
Rest in peace
For all of time

Daphne Deadwood is a Joyce Stahl/Enchanted Productions original OOAK painted fabric doll.
Daphne measures approximately 19 inches tall when placed in a doll stand (not included) and measures approximately 10 inches tall when in the seated position.

She is dressed in soft grey moire silk, crinkle taffeta and vintage dark grey velvet.  Her ghostly gown in adorned with vintage lace, gathered ribbons and an antique silver tone button.
Daphne also holds a tiny handmade lily.

If you are interested in purchasing Daphne Deadwood
simply send me an email at
Also available tonight
is this L'il Batty One!
The L'il Batty One is a Joyce Stahl/Enchanted Productions original
and is sewn of painted muslin.
She measures approximately 7 3/4 inches tall and has painted and wired bat wings.
She's wearing a soft orange silk riff and is adorned with a Victorian black glass button.

If you are interested in purchasing The L'il Batty One
simply email me at
Thanks for visiting!
Happy Hauntings and Enchanted Blessings!

Monday, September 9, 2013

A Halloween Adventure and a Magical Event!

Early one morning in the month of August, the sounds of muffled screams through bubble wrap could be heard here at the Enchanted Productions Studio.  It took some convincing, but these five ladies eventually settled down and realized they were embarking on the beginning of an amazing Halloween adventure.  They, in fact, were headed to Roger's Gardens in sunny Corona Del Mar, California! 
Every year, Roger's Gardens pulls out all stops and creates an amazing celebration of Halloween in their Halloween Boutique!  It was a tremendous honor for me to be one of the selected feature artists and working with them was absolutely delightful! 
Here they are in their display.  As you can see...they've made a few new friends there as well! 
Here is one of my darlings enjoying the company of one of Vergie Lightfoot's creative pumpkins!
Here are the other four Little Enchanted Ones hanging out with this dapper gentleman by Bethany Lowe. 
I'm happy to say that all five have sold, but they will remain on display until the end of September.  If you're in the Corona Del Mar area, please stop by Roger's Gardens and check out they're wonderful Halloween Boutique!
You can also check out photos and a video of they're awesome Halloween display and "Boo-tique" by clicking here
AND last, but not least....it's almost time for my most favorite spooktacular and magical event of the Halloween season!  The Ghoultide Gathering Show in Chelsea, Michigan!  This will be my third year as a participating artist and I can hardly wait!  I've been conjuring up Little Ones night and day in preparation for this amazing show and magical event, but there's still much to do.   Time is ticking away...so it's back to work for me!
If you plan to attend the show, please stop by my booth to say "Hi"!  I know the Little Enchanted Ones are dying to meet you!
Hope to see you there!         
You can click on the above picture for more information on Ghoultide Gathering.
Enchanted Blessings!